Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Scope of the Collection

All Submissions Closed


Our new tentative title is "Feminine Rising: Voices of Power & Invisibility." We are now seeking publishers. We have some interest. We've got exciting news! We've recently acquired a foreword by amazing feminist writer and activist Anna March. You can learn more about her at You've inspired us. We thank you for your work! We will email with any further developments.


Dr. Michele Tracy Berger, Pauletta Hansel, Llewellyn McKinnie McKernan, Dreama Buck Pritt, Marged Dudek, Lois Roma-Deeley, Ann Pancake, Ellen Cantarow, Musser Yenjay, Jamie Wendt, Maggie Thach, Michelle K, Shloka Shankar, Ellen Bass, Renee Olander, Betsy Cornwell, Marianne Worthington, Sarah Frances Moran, Shobhana Kumar, Estela González, Lynda Levy, Cheryl Denise, Nicole Hospital-Medina, Boutheina Laarif, Gina Valdés, Terry Ann Thaxton, Sarah Sadie, Carol Gloor, Lisa Hayes Minney, Jane Chance, Michelle Johnson, Rachel Tigerbeat Hicks, Elizabeth Johnston, Linda Flaherty Haltmaier, Anne Harding Woodworth, Jessica Spruill, Bonnie Morris, Kali Lightfoot, Mary Imo-Stike, Beatriz F. Fernandez, Katharyn Howd Machan, Meridian Johnson, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Cathy Cultice Lentes, Rachel Squires Bloom, Marianne S. Johnson, Rashida Murphy, Andrena Zawinski, Liz Dolan, Barbara Ungar, Melissa Helton, Michelle Elvy, Jennifer L. Freed, Cade Leebron, Siobhan Harvey, Gail C. Dimaggio, Mary Heather Noble, Penny Perkins, Ellen McDermott, Mary Hutchins Harris, Jacqueline Doyle, M.J. Luppa, Susan Richardson, Martha Clarkson, Lucy Palmer, Wendy Besel Hahn, Jessica Lawerence, Annette Snyckers, Siobhan Harvey, Lauren Brimmer, Rachel Squires Bloom, Rashida Murphy, Meridian Johnson.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Submission Guidelines


We accept outstanding unpublished and previously published pieces from both established and emerging women writers.

Please be patient as we carefully consider your work. Also note, we can't offer any personal critiques on rejected work.

Please send your submission to the appropriate email address. For general questions (if you cannot find the answer on this site) email Andrea Fekete at

  • Deadline for ESSAY submissions shortened to June 30, 2016  
  • POETRY Submissions Now CLOSED
  • Email your one traditional ESSAY (2,500 words max) or up to two FLASH MEMOIR PIECES to Lara as an MS Word document attachment. 
  •  Include your name and title of work in the subject line of the email. 
  •  Include a BRIEF biography (no longer than a short paragraph) written in the third person in the EMAIL BODY.  List only a few awards or publications. Bios will appear in the collection. We will not be including website addresses in bios. We love bios that include your interests and hobbies, but do try to keep bios focused and appropriate.
  •  If submitting previously published work, please indicate title of the publication where it first appeared with date/issue WITHIN the submission document, just beside or beneath the title of the piece.
  • If your work is accepted, do remember our publication date is still far into the future, so feel free to have it published elsewhere in the interim, but DO LET US KNOW ASAP so we can give first-time publication credit in our collection.

There is NO FEE to submit. There will never be a requirement to purchase a copy. We will soon actively seek a publisher. No payment can be promised to contributors at this time. All rights revert to the author upon publication. When we find a publisher, contributors will be notified.

About the Editors

Andrea Fekete, co-editor overseeing poetry, is a poet and novelist born and raised in the United States in the southern coalfields of West Virginia, granddaughter to Mexican and Hungarian immigrants.   

She earned her MA in English from Marshall University and holds an MFA in Creative Writing (fiction) from West Virginia Wesleyan College. She was selected as a 2016 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellow, made possible by the MidAtlantic Foundation for the Arts.

Her debut novel, Waters Run Wild (2010 Sweetgum Press) is a work of historical fiction about the coal mine wars of West Virginia. It was warmly received by local and national publications including The American Book Review and New Letters Magazine.

She has one poetry chapbook, I Held a Morning (2012 Finishing Line Press). Her poetry has appeared in such publications as: Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, The Kentucky Review, The Montucky Reivew, The Smithville Journal, The Adirondack Review,ABZ, and in collections such as Wild Sweet Notes II among others.

Andi believes the written word is her most powerful tool in a world filled with injustice. Her love for all things woman-strong gave birth to her desire to compile this collection. She sometimes teaches fiction, nonfiction, and English composition. She resides in Appalachia.

Lara Lillibridge, co-editor overseeing essays, writes creative nonfiction and poetry. She is a recent graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College’s MFA program.  She is a 2016 top 5 finalist for DisQuiet’s Literary Prize in Creative Nonfiction, judged by Phillip Graham.   

Her essays have appeared in publications such as Vandalia, Polychrome Ink;. Her work has appeared on the web in Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, The Feminist Wire, Airplane Reading, Thirteen Ways to Tell a Story, Weirderary, and Brain, Child magazine's Brain, Mother blog, with a reprint on Australia’s ivillage website.